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Power Surge Youth Ministry

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Only 4 percent of teenagers will continue to follow Christ after leaving high school.  A staggering 96 percent will walk away from Jesus between the ages of 18-25.  This is a mind-blowing statistic.  Those ages are where most young adults will be planning the direction of the rest of their lives!  Most of them will do it without the Lord’s leading.

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Power Surge Youth Ministries exists to help each youth reach their potential in Christ.  Our goal at Power Surge is to help develop every youth we work with to become a disciple of Jesus for life.  Our mission is to SEEK, SUPPLY, and SEND.

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SEEKing the lost to introduce them to their Savior through special events and monthly game nights.  SUPPLY the Christians with knowledge of God and what God wants from them through our weekly services, Bible studies, and baptism.  And finally SENDing out the youth by giving them opportunities to minister through work projects or mission projects, witnessing, and supplying others.

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For more information, please contact Family Pastor Michael Koehl at the church (540) 371-4343.