The opening date for The Good Shepherd Preschool is now set for August 2020. This is a one-year delay to the original plan by Highway Assembly of God to start the preschool as a new educational ministry of the church.

The church’s educational building, which will be used for The Good Shepherd Preschool, is currently used by Fredericksburg Christian School (FCS) for their lower elementary grades. Preparations currently underway to open The Good Shepherd Preschool were predicated on notice given by FCS earlier this year that they would be relocating their lower elementary campus from Highway’s facilities at the end of the current school year in May 2019 to a new addition to be constructed at FCS’s middle school and high school campus in Spotsylvania County. With a desire to develop ministries to effectively use the church’s educational building upon FCS’s departure, Highway’s Advisory Board endorsed the effort to start a preschool to open in August 2019.

However, in October, FCS reported delays in the construction schedule for their new building which would now prevent them from occupying the facility until December 2019.  In consideration of this development, Highway’s Advisory Board decided to negotiate a supplemental one-year agreement with FCS to allow their lower elementary school to continue at the church into the 2019-2020 school year, and to postpone the opening of the church’s Good Shepherd Preschool until August 2020.